Thursday, September 04, 2008

I'm done for the night, I can't take any more.
I wish I could believe that John meant what he said in the last 5 minutes of his speech here, but honestly, I just can't. All it is, I believe, is the pretty rhetoric written by a gifted speech writer.
And a Latino! What is happening here, it's like the RNC is integrated.
That poor guy probably feels SO out of place right now. I really feel sorry for him.
Oh My God. A black person in the audience!!!!!!!!
John isn't afraid of the threats from outside, he has a military (kinda) to throw into the fray. He won't have to go. So what if it's your kids.
I hear the drums, I hear the drums. The drums of war, and John wants to go there in the worst way. Iran has weapons, weapons of mass destruction. Does ANY of this sound familiar?
Energy policy- just like Palin: Drill, drill, drill, drill...nothing else just drill, go nuclear, and those other things, ya know the alternative thingies...
Why does every politician have to trot out the 'regular' people they know and that they're 'fighting' for? To make them look like they're in touch with the little people? All it is is more pandering, pandering to peoples emotions instead of logic. These people have most likely been vetted so that there's nothing in their past that could possibly come back to bite the campaign. Why? I wasn't watching the video when John was saying all of this, but I'll bet that every one was white.
Have you fought the oil companies John?
Is John's own drum a flip-flop? Or can't he remember what it is a lot of the time?

There's change again. Is John now realizing that Obama has the correct idea and is trying to make it his own now?
So how will Sarah take to accepting your orders is she's so independent John?

No arm brace

Cindy doesn't have her arm brace on anymore. Could it be because she is now with 'real' people, rich people, ones she doesn't have to be afraid to touch, unlike the unwashed masses?


That's it John, make a joke out of someone who doesn't agree with you.

The circus is in town.

GO PROTESTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Concession speech?

This sounds like a concession speech so far.

Make a great first lady

Is she going to make another bot so it can be the first lady?

Reboot complete

It seems that the reboot of Cindy-bot is complete. Let's hope she makes it through the next hour without needing another one.


My god, he's channeling Rudy now, 9/11 within a few minutes.

Cool a protester

An actual shot of a protester. Somebody messed up.


I guess eating before watching this was a really, really bad idea...


Keep beating on the POW angle, over and over, and over...


McCain is now touting change? He mocks it when it comes from Obama.


And here's John's acolytes pandering to John himself. Maybe we should all get down on our knees and blow him here and now. Country first my ass. This is all about what John is OWED, not what he can due. He thinks he's owed his shot at fucking things up.


C'mon, put up the opening he used in Washington, PA last weekend. The one that drew the comparison to Churchill, Teddy Roosevelt and I think, Neville Chamberlain. It was sickening.

And that's it. Less than 2 minutes in the POW card is turned over.

RNC=white only?

Jesus, this convention is the whitest thing I've ever seen. Old, white, and stupid. That should be the actual slogan for the party.


I just caught the last few minutes of Cindy McCain at the RNC. From what I heard she was starting to skip, maybe she needs to be rebooted?

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Step-up, or get out of the way

Who thinks it's time for John Edwards, Al Gore and all of the rest of the 'undecided' Superdelegates and Democratic Party Leaders to make their fucking minds up? This pussy bullshit about not endorsing someone is just another way of pandering to politics as usual. Lead, follow, or get out of the way. Since people might be influenced by their thinking, then shouldn't the leaders ACTUALLY lead? And by this I mean make your fucking mind up, and lead with an endorsement. I don't care if it's Zuzu the wonder puppy at this point, just make a decision and announce it. Or get out of the way and shut up, drop your 'status' as someone who should be listened to, since you're too pussy-minded to take a stand.

Jesus, grow a set. For once.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Do we really want McCain to have a role in Government, any Role at all?

Tuesday May 6, 2008

By LIBBY QUAID, Associated Press Writer
Full Yahoo Article
For a moment Tuesday, McCain appeared confused about where he was, saying, "I appreciate the hospitality of the students and faculty of West Virginia," then correcting himself to say Wake Forest as the audience laughed.

Tuesday May 6, 2008
"John McCain channeled his inner Woodrow Wilson yesterday, calling for
the formation of a League of Nations. Unlike the 20th century version,
however, which sought after lofty goals of mutual disarmament and
economic prosperity through global diplomacy, McCain's League of
Nations will be used to sanction Iran. Again."

Video here

Thursday, October 05, 2006

I Just Cancelled my Monster Account, Why??? Read on...

Well, I recently re-opened my resume to employers on  I hadn't been there in a while.  So, I'm getting a bunch of BS Headhunter calls and emails because no one can read what you actually put into the file.  Like I want a full-time job, not a contract position.  So, I was going to go on and change a few things and say in my headline that unless you read everything, don't bother me.  What happens as soon as I enter my password?  I get this screen, with MY INFORMATION already filled in!!!!!!  I blanked out all of my personal info for display here, believe me, it was all there.

Now I am royally pissed off.  By sneezing at the wrong time or making a little slip, or JUST by not really paying close attention, I am applying for a loan!!!  Not cool, not cool at all.  It wouldn't be so bad, if they did not put all of my information in and it wouldn't accept if I did make a mistake, but Monster made sure that they would fuck anyone who didn't understand what was going on, and by doing that, also possibly have them submit false information on a loan application.  Gee, thanks, Monster.  If your business plan isn't working, mess with the credit/rating of anyone who tries to log on to your website.  So I called and told the customer service rep that I was mad, that Monster shouldn't be doing this, AND I was going to cancel my account over this, she was nonchalant about it.  What is the problem?  I can always click the 'No, Thanks' button.  Not the point, Monster is going to have a lot of people applying for loans with false information, sure Monster will get the click-through money for it, but a lot of people are going to have real issues with this.  Like any other company, the money is the bottom line, not the customer.  Hey, customers are a dime-a-dozen, so having some people mad doesn't really matter to them.  The bottom line, get as much from as many as you can, damn the consequences to the stupid customer.

The CS rep did cancel my account, although I am waiting for a confirmation email.  It just pisses me off a little more at business.  My little amounts here and there for companies who do me wrong won't matter to them in the long run, but when are the consumers going to wake up and take a real stand?

Friday, September 29, 2006

My wife is too funny sometimes

My wife can really make me laugh.  An email she just sent me did.  She was telling me about one of our local TV stations weather "chief" meteorologist leaving.  Now, we're not really that enthralled with this guy, and we're not sorry to see him leave.  My wife finished the post with what I think is a new classic phrase.  Ready??

Hasta La Vista, douche bag

It is so funny, I think it will catch on for a lot
 of people!!!  It combines nordic (Arnold), Spanish, French, and good 'Ol American into one!!!!

Friday, September 15, 2006

The press scores one against Santorum!!!!!!

Here is a really good article about the supposed Senator from PA, Ricky Santorum and his nauseating ad for re-election featuring his children.

Santorum has got to be kidding

Enjoy and take the last sentiment to heart, voters of PA!!!!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Open letter to all parties involved RE: getting a refund

September 13, 2006

JourneyEd Sales Order#XXXXXXXX
Microsoft case # XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
JourneyEd BBB complaint case # XXXXXXXX
Microsoft BBB complaint case# XXXXXXXX

RE: Our purchase of Windows XP Upgrade through and our inability to have resolved a Bad Media Problem and Get Issued A Refund!

Dear JourneyEd, Microsoft, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The Better Business Bureaus of Dallas Texas and Redmond, Washington;

After our "experiences" in purchasing a copy of an XP Upgrade from Journey Ed, you should know of the absolute hell we have been put through by Microsoft and Journey Ed in our quest for a refund. My question for all of you is this; do you value students, education, families and customers, as you openly state? I have to wonder, after what we have endured thus far, and still have achieved no satisfaction.

Are you people daft? I just have to ask, as it seems no one at your company, or Microsoft, seems to possess the ability to comprehend BASIC English! I , and my husband, have stated over and over , to BOTH companies, we request a refund, A REFUND, not a replacement! Are you seriously shipping me a replacement, after 4 weeks of what can only be labeled BS at this point, and empty promises of a refund?
NEVER once did we request a replacement. We had to make other arrangements for our son's computer. If we had waited for you to act appropriately, I fear he would have graduated waiting for you to people to act.

Are you now sending me unsolicited software I did not request? We already told Microsoft specifically not to do that, so instead you are, Journey Ed? Seems to me that is what your most recent email is stating to me. Seems foolish also. How much are we supposed to endure from you, all in the name of "higher education"? When is enough enough? When do you, as a company, become responsible to your customers AND vendors? Do you think we will end our quest for a refund if you fool around like idiots long enough? Nope, sorry. That is definitely NOT the case here!

Pardon my tone, but if you were put through close to 4 weeks of this, for a refund of $92, what state of mind would you be in at this point? Just a little angry, fed-up, or more than that?

Hilariously, it took over three weeks for someone at Microsoft to inform Doak that the company receives back bad software from vendors like Journey Ed. He is handling a BBB complaint, and he does not know this? Strange no one mentioned this to us for weeks. Strange Doak and Journey Ed seem not to know this? So, why would Journey Ed be losing money on this, if Microsoft takes the software back? Any reason neither company can reimburse me? Journeyed now has the software in ttheir hands.. Oh, and Cody Campbell - Journey Ed, who had UPS pick this up from us, stated he would receive it back in ONE day, yet he used 2nd day air. So, how is that possible? More lies? WHY?????

I was to get a FULL refund, per Cody Campbell, Journey Ed Customer Service "Supervisor" after being subjected to 3-4 weeks of garbage and game playing from Microsoft and yourselves. I have repeatedly called Journey Ed and been refused any and all information on the issue from your customer services reps. They have refused to even discuss the issue with me from the get-go, for no apparent reason any of them can give. WHY? They told me, more than once, they COULD NOT speak to me, since I had already spoken to someone about the issue. HUH? I have been more than polite, and more than patient and you refuse to talk to me even? More than one rep told me this, and one told me they could not talk to me about the case since they overheard their supervisor TALKING ABOUT IT quite openly THAT DAY. Guess you enjoy violating my privacy, too, in addition to your other egregious errors? I was told to speak to Mr. Campbell, who appeared surprised at my call, and "apparently" had no information/knowledge that I had left numerous messages with various people there for him to contact me, all ignored. No phone calls, no emails. Now I get a SHIPPING EMAIL? Are you people slow? A partner in education? I have to laugh... RIGHT... you are actively attempting to screw a middle class college student, needlessly. Real Cute.

Complaints have already been filed with the Better Business Bureau in Redmond, Washington and Dallas, Texas regarding this incident, as I am sure you are aware. Yet Mr Campbell feigned igorance of this fact, despite The BBB email we received days before I finally got to speak to him, from BBB Dallas stating your company had been informed. We have slowly climbed the corporate ladder at Microsoft, dealing with their tech support, HP Tech Support, supervisors of Tech Support, supervisors of supervisors, and still, despite numerous false promises, it is a month later and nothing has been accomplished. Well, except for the fact that we are out $92 for software, countless hours on the phone with Microsoft, HP, Journey Ed, etc... countless hours driving back and forth out of state to my son's college, trying to get this garbage to install on a brand new computer that we have had to recover the factory install settings for more than 4 times, due to this software totally trashing our brand new computer and factory installation of the XP Home operating system - again, a brand new install on a brand new computer of XP Home. Your software will not install or upgrade. Microsoft Tech Support was completely unsuccessful in solving the problem. We did everything you and they asked. For what? Nothing apparently, we have been getting the run-around. Wanna pay for a new computer? How about paying for OUR time, gas money, phone calls, etc. . due to your incompetence?

A point of interest you fail to understand - my husband works for a billion dollar worldwide networking company, as a Senior Computer Operator in the Main Computer Room of their World Headquarters. His first computer was Commodore, not a 64. a VIC 20. How about you, Journey Ed? Do you have twenty five years experience in the computer industry? How about a degree in computers? Anything? Figure, we have more than a clue about what we are doing, how to operate a simple PC, and we are highly capable of doing far more than installing an upgrade CD on any system. We know for a fact the software is the problem here. How much experience do you have? I wonder how appalled my husband's employer would be to hear of this experience. He also handles Tech Support/Help Desk (internal) and constantly deals with the CEO, the CFO, etc. You get the picture, don't you? He would probably be fired if he handled anything in the manner you have, the way you have treated us over this issue. We are not the "average" naive computer newbies you can defraud because they do not know any better than to question a product's inability to work.

You do not want to handle this correctly? I WANT A REFUND, the refund I WAS PROMISED, in full, and then, Journey Ed, I want nothing more to do with your company. I will gladly take the business of my three college students elsewhere. Perhaps some other company will at least value our business. Is my $92 the difference for your company in financial solvency versus insolvency? What about Microsoft - does my $92 make or break them financially?

A complaint has been filed with my Visa Card holder; two BBB complaints have been filed. And you still cannot get this right after a month? NO PROBLEM...

Our next steps are to file complaints with the Attorneys General in PA, Washington and Texas. Should I pursue a lawsuit to recover the monetary damages we have incurred as a result of what can only be termed, your fraud, at this point? So, be it, if you insist in pursuing this avenue of customer service you have continued to travel and you continue in your deception.

WVU, and it's Tech Department, and it's President will be informed, since we got the name of your company through their recommendation. I guess 27,000 college students have no meaning whatsoever to you. I wonder if they are aware of how you treat their students, how you scam them of money, due to your own incompetence? I highly doubt it.

I will be contacting the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, who "supposedly" support the education of students, and believe in the need for Modern Technology in our schools. Are they endorsing this scam , this fraud, or is this your own doing?

Should I also contact CACS online, and NACSCORP? How about your other "partners in education"? Barnes and Noble, Adobe, Cisco, Rand, Follet Higher Education, The Campus Hub, etc... Think they will appreciate you "representing" them all this way? Somehow, I doubt they would really appreciate it. I have since researched the information for your company and affiliates online. One example: CACS Financials seem quite good. So what is the problem here? You still NEED to ROB us of $92? Pitiful! How can you even justify this behavior?

I am formally requesting the contact information for Journey Ed's President/CEO and Board of Directors. Enough is enough. I am at this point being willingly defrauded by your company and Microsoft. Again, your choice, not ours. We have complied completely, you have failed to follow through time after time. If you refuse to send me the contact information, it will be noted to your superiors in a complaint filed with the head of your organization.

Is it really necessary for us to jump through hoops for you? The idiot at Microsoft, the first tech moron, insisted it was a CD Drive failure. By the way, each day, the same man had a new name - Chris/Richard/Charles, either on the phone or in emails... what is up with that procedure? Same guy, definitely, and three different names! Deception or incompetence? At any rate, it is a bit funny that the only CD that would not work on this new computer was yours/theirs. The tech reads from a script - very noticeable - follows "steps" like a sheep, all while he was trying to brush the problem of on HP. HP stated Microsoft Tech Support does this ALL THE TIME, and they are fully aware that software errors are constantly put off on HP and others by Microsoft as hardware problems, thus depriving Microsoft of any culpability in the matter. Needless to say, the drive is fine. At what point does this farce end? Should we document the entire episode online for everyone to see how you all treat and value customers?

Please continue in this farce. Forcing us to take drastic measures for a refund is childish irresponsible, and truthfully at this point, seems like fraud. As an example of customer service, or customer value, it is the highest insult imaginable. The worst insult is the fact that Microsoft and Journey Ed are fully aware that the key codes for this particular item were never used. We are NOT attempting to defraud you, it is the other way around. And sorry, but do not even try to insinuate we are pirating this software. If that were the case, we would never have bothered to purchase one in the first place. We are honest people, making an honest living, and encouraging our children to further their educations, and we try to show them how to
lead a good life, an honest one. Your companies have well demonstrated for all four of my children how the world, via Big Business truly operates - and how little Big Business values them, their future business and their educations. Thanks for the wake-up call!

Ever read the geek t-shirt that says... "Next Time, I.B.M" - translated for those of you who do not understand, "Next time, I'll buy MacIntosh". You have all convinced us of our foolishness in using your companies and buying your products, and in trusting you. How pathetic is it to have to go to this extreme to be refunded $92 for your bad product? Was it worth it to all of you? Partners in Education... that IS a joke, right? Tell that to my son.

To all who were carbon copied on this email: We will gladly provide you with copies of all communications we have had with Journey Ed and Microsoft, as they prove our point quite well on their own. This experience has been a nightmare.

Waiting for a refund... still... four weeks later.